This French desert looks and tastes like a dream. First, cream puffs are filled with a light delicious custard filling and then towered on top of each other. The rich caramel glues the delicate cream puffs together and then the same caramel is enrobes the cream puff tower. This desert originates from Italy and France and was originally made to serve at weddings, baptisms and first communions. Credit is given to Antoinin Carême in 1815 in the cookbook, “Le Pâtissier royal parisien”. This recipe has a 3 steps, the puff pastry, the custard and the caramel. Process is somewhat simple but from personal experience puff pastry can sometimes be somewhat difficult. The caramel is all about timing and if cooked too much it can burn and if cooked too little it wont be caramel. With practice, it should get easier. If making it meant trying this masterpiece i would  definitely give it a go. Let me know you guys’ thoughts on this desert and if you would try it at home. Be sure to check out the recipe and video to see how its made.

How a croquembouche is made!!

The recipe :))


Rainbow toast

31310282656_168e9be6f4_bLink to how the rainbow toast is made! (also featuring other unique twists on toast)

This is a very delicious twist on the simple breakfast essential, toast. This homemade brioche drenched in butter is topped off with a beautiful, fluffy ricotta mixture that has the slightest bit of sweetness topped with 3 homemade preserves. Just watching the video of them making this made my mouth water and my stomach crave it. This delicious snack comes from a restaurant in L.A called Sqirl, all their food is made right in their restaurant. This dish takes toast and elevates to the next level. If you plan on recreating this dish I don’t think it would be too complicated. Making the brioche would be the hardest part! if anyone plans on taking an trips to L.A anytime soon leave a picture or a review in the comments! I’m interested to see you guys’ thoughts! Also if anyone tries to recreate this i would be very interested to see how it turns out! To get a better idea of how this toast is made, click the link to watch the video, it made me so hungry!!

Chocolate crepe cake

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Video on how its made

This decadent twist on the traditional french pancake  is to die for! This creation is made by stacking thin chocolate crepes with homemade light airy whipped cream in the middle of each layer. Its all topped off with rich chocolate genache glazed over the top and dusted with icing sugar. The comments on this video are very positive people seem to love this new take on crepes however, it takes a bit of time it is very worth it in the end. Although I have never personally tried this, just looking at it makes my mouth water!! If anyone takes on the challenge in making this desert leave a comment down below and let me know what you think!

Stacked Pizza


A restaurant with multiple locations is creating a new take on pizza. The stacked restaurants idea is to take any type of comfort food like mac n’ cheese, pizza, wings, ribs any type of comfort food you can imagine and ”stack” it. These pizzas are a few of many combinations of ingredients at stacked restaurants. One of their most famous toppings is the mac n’ cheese.

Poké bowl tacos


This is a poké bowl taco. Found at PokéBowl Station in New York. Here, they take a colourful spin on Hawaiian cuisine. What they do is make a regular poké bowl which starts off with rice and a selection of toppings that range from sea weed to avocado to soy beans its all up to you! Then a protein is added and topped off with a selection of sauces. Twist is the colourful waffled shell on the outside. its similar to the cones found on icecream!